About Kick Flipper®

Kick Flipper is an excellent way to learn the balance, footwork, and coordination basics that are essential for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfboarding. Boys and girls in the five-to-teen target age group will have fun while perfecting beginner and advanced tricks. Kick Flipper users will not only exercise while having fun, they will increase levels of balance and skill, build muscle tone and cardio strength, and develop creativity and imagination as they create and practice their own awesome tricks. And, because Kick Flipper can be used on carpet, grass, or sand, beginners can safely learn techniques in their own homes and yards.

Manufactured in the U.S., Kick Flippers are cool looking, lightweight enough to slip into a backpack to take to school, the park, or the beach, and rugged enough to support up to 200 lbs.

Kick Flipper® History

Kick Flipper was invented by Bob Ellis, an award-winning extreme sports documentary producer. Bob’s idea to redesign professional equipment to create simple, safe, and educational sport toys arose from watching his four children develop their athletic skills. From its launch in 2007 until the signing of the 2015 license agreement with PlaSmart Inc., Kick Flipper (known then as The Original Yo Baby Kick Flipper) was marketed by GarageCo Toys Inc., a company Mr. Ellis created for that purpose.

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Kick Flipper® is available at specialty, mass, and online retailers, including:

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